About Us

We deliver advanced automation and language technologies to enhance security and law enforcement investigations



NorthStar was established in Denmark in 2007 with a mission to expedite the development and deployment of custom, high-quality advanced analytic solutions using agile and lean development processes.


In 2020, NorthStar was acquired by U.S.-based SOS International (SOSi), one of the largest private, founder-owned and operated technology and services integrators in the aerospace, defense, and government services industry. NorthStar operates separate from SOSi, yet directly benefits from its parent company’s technology investments. For example, following SOSi’s strategic investment in language technologies developer, AppTek, NorthStar began embedding cutting-edge automatic speech recognition, machine translation, and natural language understanding offerings within its solutions to enhance security and law enforcement operations.

Our Vision for the Future

We envision future security, law enforcement, and cyber technologies as a set of interwoven, modular platforms tailored to support specialized missions. Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated with a customer’s existing enterprise architecture or accessed in a private, fully-secured cloud.

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NorthStar Systems

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