Navigating Data

Delivering advanced automation and language technologies to enhance security and law enforcement operations

Designing Scalable, Intelligent Analytic Tools

Our platforms, software, and data solutions leverage automated speech recognition, natural language understanding, and a suite of data analytics and visualization tools to transform raw data into actionable intelligence.

Developing Tailored Threat Analysis Solutions to Enhance Global Security

NorthStar Systems offers an array of customizable platforms and solutions that empower users to identify and collect valuable intelligence. We also provide curated data sets, visualization tools, and finished intelligence products to expedite the discovery process, enhance investigations, and make analysts more effective. Schedule a demo to see how our solutions are helping to combat transnational crimes, including illegal trafficking, cyber-attacks, and financial transactions.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence Enabled Speech Technologies

NorthStar Systems is a leading provider of automatic speech recognition and neural network-based machine translation for security agencies and law enforcement. Our language technologies help our customers collect, process, and translate critical information.